Hansen Lighting: 2004

Years ago, Hansen Lighting, a local Utah-based company, was facing the threat of shutting down due to the tough competition from big-box stores and the surge of e-commerce. Nevertheless, when Jason Petersen acquired the company, the tide turned quickly.

Under his leadership, Hansen Lighting transformed into a chain of multi-million dollar showrooms that made it to the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies. Despite the challenges that nearly bankrupted the business in 2004, the company continued to flourish in the face of adversity.

Consistent and Cost-Effective Marketing Makes All the Difference

During these years of growth, Jason discovered something essential: the frustrations that many showrooms face when it comes to effectively communicating their value and competing with big-box stores.

Jason himself encountered three common problems in creating an effective marketing plan. To address these issues, he experimented with numerous methods in his own showroom and eventually collaborated with proven marketing experts to create the ultimate solution for local businesses.

Know How

Marketing is constantly changing and new tools and platforms are introduced at a dizzying pace. Owners and managers find it difficult to know what to do to maximize their return.


Above all, marketing requires consistency to be effective, but showrooms find they lack the time and staff to do marketing activities with the regularity it needs.

Time and Money

Business owners are already stretched thin, leaving little time for DIY marketing. Agencies don’t understand lighting, and hiring employees requires a lot of training and can be expensive.

Lit Living Was Born

This is where our passion for helping local businesses comes in. We know firsthand the challenges that local showrooms face when it comes to effectively marketing their products and services. Thus, Lit Living was born as a powerhouse of experience, expertise, and automation to serve over 100 showrooms across North America.

Our team includes lighting experts, marketing pros, web developers, graphic designers, and writers who work together to provide a cost-effective marketing system for local showrooms. We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed and thrive despite the competition from big-box stores and e-commerce giants.

Ready to Transform Your Business?